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USB B input / USB A output, Isolated 5V power output, and Including a USB A to B cable
Worth every penny
I really like the RUR. I have what I think is a very revealing system: custom-built desktop with Intel i7-4790 @ 4GHz, 32GB RAM - iFi iPurifier - RUR - Roon/HQPlayer. My playback system is: Mytek Brooklyn DAC (power fed by HDPLEX 300W) , McIntosh MC2200 Preamplifier, McIntosh MC402 Power Amplifier, Martin Logan Aeoni speakers. I installed the RUR between my computer and Brooklyn DAC. I was streaming Tidal MQA through Roon, and a track I have heard more times than I can remember: Touch, by John Klemmer, came on and the first thing I noticed was the bite of Klemmer's saxophone. In all of the times I have heard that song before, I have never heard that much bite and in-the-room closeness as when I put the RUR in my system. I listened to the rest of the song and could pick out subtle details and cues that let me see deeper into the music. The cymbals had a real brass shimmer to them and the soundstage was both deep and wide. The word touch is whispered throughout the song and though I have always been able to hear it and understand it, it was as if I could hear the "T" and "CH" of that word for the first time. Everything seemed to come from a blacker background and I am using the standard wall plug. I am going to try the RUR with my LPS to see what kind of improvements, if any, that makes. I continued to listen to song, after song, some new, but mostly songs I know well, and the RUR gave me more immediacy on all of them. If the music was well recorded, you could hear that. If the soundstage was wide, you got that. If the soundstage was deep, you got that. The bottom line is: I've been staying up way too late at night enjoying my music through the RUR. Very impressive product for not a lot of money. Worth every penny.
James H.
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