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dac-2 is a class A digital preamplifier with remote control
2v2SE 'completely different DAC'
Ever since I purchased the original W4S DAC2 I have been impressed by the quality, performance, and value offered by Wyred4Sound products. When the option came up a few years ago to upgrade to a Special Edition configuration with OLED screen Vishay resistors, upgraded regulators, upgraded fuse, premium grade inductors, and updated USB board (among others), I upgraded without hesitation and was thrilled with the new digital capabilities and the resulting improvement in sonics. More recently, when the option came to upgrade to a 2v2 SE configuration with the new ESS Sabre 9038PRO chip I did not hesitate to go for it as one of the early adopters. What I got back is what sounds like a completely different DAC in a very good way. Things that quickly come to mind are blacker backgrounds, more natural sounding high frequency extension, better definition of soundstage depth and width. But the most impressive thing that I noticed is the bass. I knew that my Magnepan 3.7i speakers could reproduce some outstanding bass, but I was not ready for the improvement that I heard with the DAC-2v2 SE upgrade. Two things on the bass that improved dramatically are extension and resolution. One album that I suggest you listen to experience this for yourself is "Outbound - Béla Fleck & the Flecktones". I can’t stop listening to this album with the W4S DAC-2v2 SE, it sounds that impressive!
Carlos F.