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All-new ESS 9028PRO chip (DAC-2v2) or 9038PRO (DAC-2v2SE) replaces original 9018S chip
Astonished is an understatement
Just a brief note about the upgrade from DAC2DSDse to DAC-2V2se. First, I had no issues with the DAC2 and thought the sound was excellent. But, thanks to your prodding I took the leap to upgrade. To say I'm astonished is an understatement. First, it's quieter, background noise is non-existent. The soundstage is considerably wider. The ability to hear into the depth of recordings is fantastic. Instruments in the background are as clear and distinct as those in the foreground. There is so much more air around instruments, enhancing the ability to pick out individual instruments and follow their lines. The initial attack of instruments is superb. Lastly, bass is clearer with substantially more impact. Glad you pushed me, and thanks.
David S.