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All-new ESS 9028PRO chip (DAC-2v2) or 9038PRO (DAC-2v2SE) replaces original 9018S chip
Upgrade made a 'real difference'
Having gone through an upgrade from the old DAC 2 DSD to SE version and then from that to the new 2v2SE the first thing that I would like to provide in terms of feedback is that I really think it is super duper great that you keep offering upgrades to the products. In today's world that doesn't seem very common and it is just a great service. Having gone through the upgrades does mean that I haven't had to change around and keep it all in the family. In terms of changes that of course means that I didn't have an easy A2B comparison, as the old unit kept getting improved. This time round there was definitely something. Hard to put my finger on it, but there was this real difference where you notice new details in old and familiar records. There was definitely more depth and I think an improved sense of space and detail.... I feel quite relaxed about the performance and don't think I need to run after the next upgrade anytime soon. The overall character of the sound hasn't changed much, which I think is a good thing.... I'm really happy with my upgraded DAC
Henning K.
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