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5 year limited transferrable warranty and Hand-matched custom Vishay Z-Foil resistors
The Wyred gear was dramatically better
My wife and I each have our own system. She picked hers out with Randy’s help at the show and her electronics are 100% Wyred. I had no Wyred gear. We were prepared to do some extensive listening tests comparing her new system with mine which I’d spent many years assembling. It became apparent in a few moments that the Wyred combo was far superior to my system. I figured we see some subtle differences when we unbundled the Wyred amp and dac. We didn’t. The Wyred gear was dramatically better no matter how we mixed and matched. So I began sneaking her amp down to my room for some listening. We finally realized that I need to sell all my old gear and go 100% Wyred. We ordered my DAC today...
Dan M