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DAC-2v2 Upgrade


Upgrade your original DAC-2, DAC-2 DSD or DAC-2 DSDse to the new DAC-2v2 or DAC-2v2SE.

Send your unit to us for this exclusive upgrade to the new DAC-2v2 or DAC-2v2SE! 

Upgrade procedure:

  1. Purchase the upgrade by adding this item to your cart.
  2. Next, complete the order form and submit payment information.
  3. After receiving your order and payment information you will receive an email order confirmation with an order number on it. 
  4. Pack your unit in the original factory packaging and write the sales order number clearly on the outside of the box. Include a copy of the sales order that was emailed to you inside the box. You do not need to include accessories such as the power cord, remote control, manual, etc. If you do not have the original packaging we can ship a complete set to you for a fee.
  5. Send the package (fully insured with freight prepaid) to our facility. (See Contact Page for our address).
  6. Once your unit is received it will be modified by our technicians on a first come first serve basis. You can check on the status of your upgrade by emailing - support@wyred4sound.com
  7. After the unit is upgraded and fully tested it will be returned to you at the address provided on the order form. We will email a completed invoice and tracking number so you can follow the progress of your upgraded v2 DAC!
Femto-Grade Master Clock Option*
Accuracy and overall quality of the master clock are crucial to obtaining optimum sound quality. The standard clock is no slouch but you now have the option to upgrade to the highest grade component available in its class. Implementation of this femto grade clock optimizes audio quality by lowering phase jitter by over 80% as well as greatly reducing phase noise in the digital circuit. Clocks of this grade are typically found in DAC's retailing for $6K or more. We highly recommend choosing this clock option if you do not already have it installed!
*Note for owners of DAC-2 (non-DSD) with Femto clock upgrading to the DAC-2v2 or 2v2SE: If you own a DAC-2 (non-DSD) and had the Femto clock upgrade done, be aware that the older clock in your unit is not compatible with the new DAC-2v2. If you would like to retain the Femto clock, you will need to re-purchase the Femto clock as part of your 2v2 upgrade. Choose the "Upgraded Femto clock" option in the Master Clock Option drop down menu. If you are unsure, call or email us with the serial # of your unit and we can look it up.
*Note for owners of original DAC-2 DSDSE made before March 2014If you own an original DAC-2 DSDse made prior to March, 2014 and you are upgrading to the new 2v2SE, please know that your DAC did NOT come standard with the Femto clock. Unless you got the Femto clock upgraded separately, you will need to add it to your order by choosing the "Upgraded Femto clock" option in the Master Clock Option drop down menu if you would like it. If you are unsure, call or email us with the serial # of your unit and we can look it up.
2v2SE Upgrades—Experience the all-new reference 9038PRO chip
Those who upgrade to the 2v2SE version will get the top-of-the-line 9038PRO chip. This new chip offers completely state-of-the-art performance and specs; one of the best (if not THE best) DAC chip on the market today. Your new 2v2SE DAC will be your new absolute digtal reference!
Complete the look: Upgrade to the new V2 top cover
To commemorate the release of the new V2 series DACs, we've updated the top cover with the "V2" moniker in the title and replaced the silver option with a gorgeous new color: Anthracite Metallic Gray. Replace your original DAC cover with a new V2 cover to complete the look of your new, upgraded DAC!

All v2 upgrades include:

  • All-new ESS 9028PRO chip (DAC-2v2) or 9038PRO (DAC-2v2SE) replaces original 9018S chip
  • Updated firmware
  • Updated audio filters
  • Increased sonic performance

Upgrading from DAC-2 → DAC-2v2 adds:

  • All-new 9028PRO chip
  • New galvanically isolated, asynchronous USB input
  • Support for files up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM and DSD 256 (via USB and I²S inputs)
  • Driverless for Mac and Linux

Upgrading from DAC-2 or DAC-2 DSD  DAC-2v2SE adds:

  • All-new 9038PRO chip (instead of 9028PRO)
  • Custom Vishay Z-Foil resistors (0.1% tolerance and a +/-0.5ppm/°C)
  • Ultra-low noise discrete regulators (100+ times quieter and faster than the stock regulator)
  • Ultra-fast recovery Schottkey diodes
  • Premium grade inductors
  • Upgraded fuse
  • New, quieter green OLED display
Optional Femto Master Clock option (recommended if you do not have it already installed):
  • Femto-Grade Clock (82 fSec phase jitter)

"The DAC-2v2SE is a definite step up in sonic quality from the previous version. Not only do the DSD formats sound incredible, but my redbook rips have never sounded better. I am hearing improved soundstage, additional clarity, and more transparency than ever before. This DAC gets me one step closer to the impression that I am listening to live music. I love the flexibility that the filters and jitter eliminator provide so I can tweak the sound to my individual taste. Prior to the ES9038PRO upgrade I compared my DAC-2 DSDSE with a Mcintosh D100 I purchased. Let’s just say that the McIntosh didn’t stay around for very long."

  -JEFF R.

"I have only had the chance to listen to my Bluray player over s/pdif Toslink, as yet. The sound compared to the old DSDse version is now smoother, voices are much more natural and absolutely no sizzling s'es. With the DSDse the sound from the bluray player (s/pdif toslink) was a little "digital" compared to USB, but now the edginess is gone and it seems more analog like. I have not yet had the chance to listen to USB, so I can't comment on that, only s/pdif. The bass is more firm and seems deeper than before. And when there is no sound it seems darker and more natural. In general, a more musical experience than before. The DAC is not broken in yet, so it will get even better as time passes."

  -PER V.

"The DAC2v2se keeps getting better. I must have hit another 100 hours or something because it opened up even more. This thing is just musical! I haven’t jumped around in the listening seat like this for years. Compared to my DAC2se there is a larger sound stage, improved imaging, with a very musical presentation. I know those are audiophile key words but it is all true. I don’t know what the improvement is from the 10th anniversary model but if its better it must be just incredible!"


"I am really enjoying 2v2SE upgrade. It does everything better than the DAC-2 DSD SE. Especially tighter more powerful bass, lower noise floor, bigger and wider sound staging."

  -ALAN H.

"Ever since I purchased the original W4S DAC2 I have been impressed by the quality, performance, and value offered by Wyred4Sound products. When the option came up a few years ago to upgrade to a Special Edition configuration with OLED screen Vishay resistors, upgraded regulators, upgraded fuse, premium grade inductors, and updated USB board (among others), I upgraded without hesitation and was thrilled with the new digital capabilities and the resulting improvement in sonics. More recently, when the option came to upgrade to a 2v2 SE configuration with the new ESS Sabre 9038PRO chip I did not hesitate to go for it as one of the early adopters. What I got back is what sounds like a completely different DAC in a very good way. Things that quickly come to mind are blacker backgrounds, more natural sounding high frequency extension, better definition of soundstage depth and width. But the most impressive thing that I noticed is the bass. I knew that my Magnepan 3.7i speakers could reproduce some outstanding bass, but I was not ready for the improvement that I heard with the DAC-2v2 SE upgrade. Two things on the bass that improved dramatically are extension and resolution. One album that I suggest you listen to experience this for yourself is "Outbound - Béla Fleck & the Flecktones". I can’t stop listening to this album with the W4S DAC-2v2 SE, it sounds that impressive!"


"I am blown away by the 2v2SE DAC upgrade. I was considering selling because I like the Schiit [Yggdrasil's] more analog sound. It took me a while but I found the slow roll off linear filter with the small jitter window is really close to my analog but much quieter dynamic and detailed and I don’t have to flip or clean records. I am enjoying my DSD which the [Yggdrasil] doesn’t do. Thanks."


"Just a brief note about the upgrade from DAC2DSDse to DAC-2V2se. First, I had no issues with the DAC2 and thought the sound was excellent. But, thanks to your prodding I took the leap to upgrade. To say I'm astonished is an understatement. First, it's quieter, background noise is non-existent. The soundstage is considerably wider. The ability to hear into the depth of recordings is fantastic. Instruments in the background are as clear and distinct as those in the foreground. There is so much more air around instruments, enhancing the ability to pick out individual instruments and follow their lines. The initial attack of instruments is superb. Lastly, bass is clearer with substantially more impact. Glad you pushed me, and thanks."


"Having gone through an upgrade from the old DAC 2 DSD to SE version and then from that to the new 2v2SE the first thing that I would like to provide in terms of feedback is that I really think it is super duper great that you keep offering upgrades to the products. In today's world that doesn't seem very common and it is just a great service. Having gone through the upgrades does mean that I haven't had to change around and keep it all in the family. In terms of changes that of course means that I didn't have an easy A2B comparison, as the old unit kept getting improved. This time round there was definitely something. Hard to put my finger on it, but there was this real difference where you notice new details in old and familiar records. There was definitely more depth and I think an improved sense of space and detail.... I feel quite relaxed about the performance and don't think I need to run after the next upgrade anytime soon. The overall character of the sound hasn't changed much, which I think is a good thing.... I'm really happy with my upgraded DAC"


"2 years after the last upgrade that was jawdropping… I can't wait to hear what this next upgrade will bring. I can't believe you guys have me as a "lifetime" customer. I never would have thought I'd have this loyalty to one audio mfr. Keep up the great work!"