Balanced or Unbalanced? | Wyred 4 Sound

Balanced or Unbalanced?

Balanced (XLR) is normally the way to go however not all gear is designed equally. 

Wyred 4 Sound believes in differential circuitry and maintains symmetry for optimum sound.  Most other devices may have the balanced connection but convert directly after to sum the signal into a single line. 

We have found equipment with this conversion circuit usually causes more harm than going single-ended (RCA) from the beginning.  In some cases, running unbalanced may be the better path – depending on gear and circuitry in the signalpath.  

You can find purely balanced circuitry in the following products from Wyred 4 Sound:

 mAMP, mPRE, DAC-1v2, DAC-2v2, STP-SE, SX-1000R, ST-500, ST-1000, Large MC

The benefit of a balanced connection is the differential circuit for maximum noise reduction through the process of common mode rejection. With-in a balanced connection, you will find a ‘positive’ and a ‘negative’ phase of the same signal which happen to be 180 degrees out of phase in respect to each other. This signal can accept induced noise without affecting integrity because the noise is common to both phases and is then cancelled out.  Think of the positive side being a +1 and the negative side as a -1, the signal is across them and the noise would be common to both so it would be nulled out. S/N ratios are also improved with this signal type so you can see the many reasons we put so much effort into what is inside our products!

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