Is the Music Server wireless? | Wyred 4 Sound

Is the Music Server wireless?

The MS requires a direct Ethernet connection for normal operation. The network connection allows wireless control, streaming of Internet Radio and 3rd party apps, accessing online databases used for automatically tagging and seeking album artwork when ripping CD’s and for transferring music over your network.

If it is not feasible or desired to run a direct Ethernet connection from your router to the server there is another solution. Various companies make range extenders which are perfect for this application. A range extenders basic function is to communicate with your router wirelessly and boost the network around where you place it. Additionally most have an Ethernet hub which is just the ticket plugging the server in so it’s part of your network. The MS then communicates through the range extender over a wireless connection to your router.

This model has proven to work well in our various systems. (Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender).