When I connect the Recovery, its 2 lights flash briefly then go out. Can't hear any music | Wyred 4 Sound

When I connect the Recovery, its 2 lights flash briefly then go out. Can't hear any music

We've heard of a few cases where this can happen. We've found that typically it's a USB handshake issue that can occur between certain DACs and computers when the Recovery is between them. Below are a few suggestions that have proven to work. We're sure one of them will work for you. If not, reach out to us! 

The first thing to check is whether your computer still recognizes your DAC as an output device. If not, it's likely an issue rooted in your music software. Double check that your software hasn't reverted it's settings or something similar. If it has, adjust them back to what you had and things should start working again. If this isn't it, please try the suggestions below:

  1. Ensure USB cable and power supply connections are not loose. 
  2. Ensure you are using a USB cable that carries the +5v power from the computer's USB port. The Recovery looks for this +5v signal as a detect.
  3. Try a generic (non 'audiophile') USB cable between computer and Recovery. Use the included cable between Recovery and DAC. Many 'audiophile' USB cables are not even 2.0 compliant! 
  4. Try different USB ports on your computer.
  5. If you have another wall charger similar to the Recovery's, try that to rule out the possibility of a bad power supply unit.

If it is a handshake issue, one of the following should do the trick.

Option 1

With both computer and Recovery on, power cycle (turn off, then on again) your DAC. Give the DAC a moment before turning it back on again. Many times, this sequence forces the DAC to reestablish connection with your computer.


Option 2

Try this sequence with the computer and DAC on:

  1. Connect the Recovery to the computer
  2. Connect the Recovery to the DAC
  3. Plug the power into the Recovery

If that doesn't work, reverse steps 1 and 2. If that still doesn’t work, with computer on, try turning off your DAC and Recovery (unplug), and powering them on as close to the same time as possible.

If you've gone through all the steps above and the Recovery still does not work, please contact us and we can further help troubleshoot. In our experience, it is extremely rare that the Recovery outright fails; more times than not if we receive one in for "repair", we find nothing wrong with it. The above hopefully might help to find a solution to a software or hardware incompatibility.