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New Trade Up Program for 10th Anniversary DAC-2v2SE

16 June 2017
Calling all Wyred DAC owners!

We're pleased to present an exciting and generous trade up program toward our flagship 10th Anniversary Limited Edition DAC-2v2SE.


We'll give you up to 80% of the original purchase price of your current DAC toward a new 10th Anniversary DAC! It's about as generous an offer as we can imagine, and we're happy to make it available to our valued DAC owners*.

Trade-in values as follows:
  • DAC-1 (non-LE): 50% of purchase price
  • All other DACs (DAC-1 LE, DAC-2, DAC-2 DSD, DAC-2 DSDse, DAC-1v2, DAC-2v2, DAC-2v2SE): 80% of purchase price
So, say you own a DAC-2 DSDse and it was purchased at full retail price ($2549). You can trade it in for $2039 off a brand new 10th Anniversary DAC-2v2SE! If you had your DAC upgraded, we will determine trade in value based on it's current status (e.g. DAC-2 upgraded to a DAC-2 DSDse would be considered a DAC-2 DSDse). This is a unique and awesome opportunity to get our most advanced and coveted DAC at a very attractive price!
*Out of respect for dealer territories, offer available to U.S. customers only.