B-stock Remedy Reclocker | Wyred 4 Sound
Utilizes an incredible Femto-grade clock with Superior jitter reduction​
96kHz output sampling frequency and Digital inputs support up to 24/192kHz
Toslink and Coaxial digital inputs and Toslink, Coaxial, BNC digital outputs
works with 2-channel PCM signals only, not surround sound formats

B-stock Remedy Reclocker

B-stock sale! Save 20%! These B-stock units are newly built units that have slight blemishes in the case. They come with a 6 month warranty. An additional 2 year non-transferrable warranty can be purchased using the options drop down. B-stock units are non-returnable. LIMITED TO SALES WITHIN U.S.

Stemming from our highly successful Sonos Connect modifications, we are pleased to introduce a uniquely revolutionary product, the Remedy reclocker. This highly advanced digital reclocking device removes digital errors and drastically improves jitter utilizing an incredible Femto-grade clock. Pair the Remedy with the DAC of your choice and transform your favorite consumer digital source into a truly audiophile-worthy component! 

Typical Remedy installation into your system:
Digital source (Apple TV, Airport Express, etc) >> Remedy >> DAC

Recommended applications include: Sonos Connect, Apple TV & Airport Express, Squeezebox Duet & Touch, iPod docks and many more!

Starting At

List price: $399.00
Price: $319.20
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Additional 2 year non-transferrable warranty for B-stock/demo items

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