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µDAC-HD Reviews

"[The µDAC-HD] caught me by surprise with its amazingly smooth, natural, and musical delivery. It doesn’t try to impress you with coloration but maintains its tonal integrity across all genres of music. I regret not auditioning this wonderful DAC/headphone amp earlier. Admittedly, I gravitated towards and spent most of my listening sessions with the Wyred 4 Sound uDAC-HD. It’s just a pleasure to listen to with no glaring faults.... I could listen to this DAC for hours and never get fatigued or overwhelmed. The other two have the tendency to do that after some time.... Very analog sounding, no artifacts, even in USB mode. Most liquid of any portable DAC I’ve ever used."

   AUDIO BACON                                                                READ FULL REVIEW

"I found the uDAC-HD to have very good macro dynamic capability as well as amazing bass reproduction through a review pair of the fab Von Schweikert VR-22 loudspeakers."

   POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE                                      READ FULL REVIEW

"The sound is so captivating and fun. Bass hits hard and tight."

   HIFIGUY YOU TUBE CHANNEL                                      READ FULL REVIEW

"Vocals are beautiful, instrumentation clean and crisp especially the bass and piano, sound is musical, sounds like I'm in a recording studio where they're taping live."