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10th Reviews

"I would – and did – happily put this sub-$5k thoroughbred up against all manner of more expensive competition. Ultimately I can say this DAC has challenged my view of what can be accomplished for less than five grand – spending more doesn’t tend to achieve tangible benefits, and in most cases I’d choose the Wyred option hands down. It’s that good."

      DARKO.AUDIO                                                             READ FULL REVIEW

"With the 10th it's not just a latest-gen chip to keep up with the Joneses who relocate with alarming frequency in the DAC genre. It makes over the entire surrounding circuitry wherever an unplugged parts budget could still chisel out more by going exotic. The only non-exotic things about this deck are its packaging and model name. It's why it doesn't sell for five figures."

      6-MOONS                                                                      READ FULL REVIEW

"The new benchmark sound quality of the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition DAC could well make the LP record obsolete. It is THAT good!"

    10AUDIO.COM                                                                READ FULL REVIEW

"My wife and I each have our own system. She picked hers out with Randy’s help at the show and her electronics are 100% Wyred. I had no Wyred gear. We were prepared to do some extensive listening tests comparing her new system with mine which I’d spent many years assembling. It became apparent in a few moments that the Wyred combo was far superior to my system. I figured we see some subtle differences when we unbundled the Wyred amp and dac. We didn’t. The Wyred gear was dramatically better no matter how we mixed and matched. So I began sneaking her amp down to my room for some listening. We finally realized that I need to sell all my old gear and go 100% Wyred. We ordered my DAC today..."

  -DAN M

I just received my new DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition earlier today and am already blown away. :) It's already awesome... can't wait to hear it after it's been broken (in) a bit. Shock and awe!