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bLINK Reviews

"Not all Bluetooth receivers are born equal. The Wyred 4 Sound’s Bluetooth signal is reclocked before output to the DAC. It sounds markedly better than the Bluetooth stream spilling from AURALiC’s Aries Mini. More fluid in the midrange and less metallicised in the treble. It’s what we might call Next Level Bluetooth."

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"I’m liking the experience and the sound quality very much. Pairing with my iPad was as quick and painless as it gets -- quoted from one post"

   COMPUTER AUDIOPHILE                                                  READ FULL REVIEW

"I use every single day my bLINK with a Premium Deezer streaming - classical & jazz - the little devil is amazing. Pure hi-rez music from a MacBook, just insane. Colleagues professors from Music Department visited me a few weeks ago and we listened to Martha Argerich playing a Prokofiev piano concerto, they didn’t want to believe it was not a dedicated high-end cd player/transport but just streaming via a small magic box."


"thank the bluetooth!"