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DAC-1v2 Reviews

"I have the Dac1V2 and I am blown away! I've been in the business as CEDIA installer and consumer. Never,ever have I heard the difference in sound quality that I experienced with this DAC. I'm sure their are further benefits as you go up to the top. But for me and my ears this is the waaay biggest improvement in my system I ever made and that includes getting my Aerial 7Ts. (He continues...) I now have close to 100 hours on the W4S DAC1V2. The sound has improved even more. No. I am not associated with W4S in any way shape or form. Previous clients and audio friends cannot believe what they are hearing. I had West Side Story being performed in my audio room. Yes. That realistic with stage depth,width,delineation of voices so real people called it spooky! I am that impressed and have never ever heard such analog digital…. It will be the source that determines your SQ with this DAC1v2. My search for audio nirvana is now quenched."