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DAC 2v2 Reviews

"If I lost my job reviewing hifi gear, I could easily live with this system for a long time. I’m happy to award this DAC one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2017 and look forward to sampling more offerings from this manufacturer sooner rather than later. "Exceptional Value" Award"



 "This is one of the best DACs I have listened to, and that ESS Sabre DAC is only part of the story. Wyred 4 Sound really do know how to put all the ingredients together to make a good DAC. 'Highly Recommended' Award"

  -JANINE ELLIOT @ HIFI PIG MAGAZINE                      


"Thanks Wyred for the excellent products; perhaps also a word of appreciation to all the reviewers, anonymous and professional - singing the praises of Wyred is a service to all audiophiles - certainly for me it allowed me to purchase my first Wyred product (the ST1000) with some confidence. That was some eight years ago. What's more I can vouch for their great reliability - no issues at all. Several friends have purchased Wyred products after hearing the system - and they too are very satisfied.” markedly improved by the upgraded DAC. Wow - good job Wyred… I would say the upgrade from DAC2 DSD SE to DAC 2V2 SE is a "plus 10"


 "This DAC is something special! I've listening to parts of my collection I haven't heard in a while and I am hearing new details. The sound is so natural, dynamic, detailed and balanced, I'm not contemplating upgrades in the foreseeable future!"


 "2 years after the last upgrade that was jawdropping… I can't wait to hear what this next upgrade will bring. I can't believe you guys have me as a "lifetime" customer. I never would have thought I'd have this loyalty to one audio mfr. Keep up the great work!"


 "I can only renew my compliment for the extraordinary results from you obtained with the upgrade. Silkiness, ambience, three-dimensionality, fine detail, are the main qualities recognized at first listen. Every piece of my extensive music collection seems reborn to new life. The music flows, giving me constants excitement and surprises on any genre heard. Thank you for your wonderful work."


 "The DAC-2v2SE is a definite step up in sonic quality from the previous version. Not only do the DSD formats sound incredible, but my redbook rips have never sounded better. I am hearing improved soundstage, additional clarity, and more transparency than ever before. This DAC gets me one step closer to the impression that I am listening to live music. I love the flexibility that the filters and jitter eliminator provide so I can tweak the sound to my individual taste. Prior to the ES9038PRO upgrade I compared my DAC-2 DSDSE with a Mcintosh D100 I purchased. Let’s just say that the McIntosh didn’t stay around for very long."

  -JEFF R.

 "Right out of the box, KILLER difference. Not to take away anything from the prior dacs you’ve produced, you are going to win serious competitions with this one….. The soundstage is totally wide and open. [The DAC-2v2SE] is very responsive indeed. Its truly a different piece! I am really digging on the gray and lime display too. Love all the settings as well! This enters your DAC products into the KICK ASS category for me! It’s just very real…. There’s more there there…… if you know what I mean. Wait till this thing breaks in, holy Bananas Batman!"

  -TOM P.