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mINT Reviews

"The first thing that grabbed my attention was TIGHTER B A S S."

    DIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW                                               READ FULL REVIEW

"The Wyred4Sound mINT is the perfect solution for music lovers wanting great sound that have a reasonable budget and want to maximize space, i.e. not have a giant rack full of audio gear."

    TONE AUDIO                                                                  READ FULL REVIEW

"Here is a most versatile and satisfying performer that I can see as the heart of a fine computer-driven desktop system, or, as I used it, as a small office system with both analog- and computer-derived sources."

    THE ABSOLUTE SOUND                                               READ FULL REVIEW

"Even if you have a big, tricked-out system already but are looking to spice up, say, an office or a den, the mINT is worth a look."

     HOME THEATER REVIEW                                            READ FULL REVIEW

"The mINT (short for “mini integrated”) is a virtuoso when it comes to versatility."

     STEREO TIMES                                                             READ FULL REVIEW

"Be a snob and spend a mint. Or be smart and stop at a mINT. Cute? Sure is. But still true."

    6MOONS                                                                         READ FULL REVIEW