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mPRE Features

mPRE Features:
  • Fully balanced, Dual mono design
  • Next generation input and output buffers
  • Built-in ESS DAC which supports 24 bit 192 kHz on all digital inputs
  • Galvanically isolated, asynchronous USB input which supports Windows machines, is driverless for Mac, and supports Linux
  • Headphone amplifier
  • Remote Control
  • 12V DC trigger input and output
  • Efficient (no heat)
  • Fully balanced input to output
  • Discrete input and output buffers
  • Unbalanced to balanced conversion (when RCA input selected and XLR outputs are being used)
  • Robust construction
  • Machined and anodized aluminum front panel, top, and sides
  • 100kΩ input impedance
  • 1 set of balanced (XLR) inputs
  • 1 set of balanced (XLR) outputs
  • 2 sets of unbalanced (RCA) inputs (one is selectable as HT bypass)
  • 2 sets of unbalanced (RCA) outputs (one is selectable as a fixed 2.0V output)
  • Home Theater Bypass
  • External selectable voltage mains 115/230VAC
  • High grade Schottky Bridges
  • Compact size (8"W x 3.5"H x 8"D)
  • 8 lbs.
  • Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY