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PS-1 Reviews

"The PS-1 is right up there with the best of the breed. With its modular design, Wyred 4 Sound’s PS-1 gives up nothing to its specific-use competition, while taking a significant lead in versatility. I’ve seen a few PSUs out there with adjustable voltage, and even some with several multiple outputs, but to my knowledge the PS-1’s feature set has never been done before. It may very well be the last power supply upgrade you ever purchase."

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"I love my PS-1’s. I’ve done a fair amount of experimenting with power supplies. Even though I have a degree in electrical engineering, I quickly get lost in the science. But - I trust my ear (and everyone is allowed to have their own ears!) I have Teddy Pardo's, Uptone JS-2 and LPS-1, and Jameco, IFR and other wall warts. I have an assortment of power regenerators and power conditioners. I’m powering music servers, dac’s, switches, USB de-gunkers and media converters. Every power supply sounds a little different. There is no stronger statement I can make than this - once I purchased my first PS-1, I’ve purchased no other power supplies (and I purchased a second PS-1; soon to be a third!). Sonically, they’re magnificent. The noise floor disappears, and they bring a clarity and richness that is unparalleled. I also love that there are four configurable outputs. Cost-wise, they’re very reasonable as compared to the alternatives. The convenience of one box when using multiple devices is not to be underestimated."