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Recovery Reviews

"In less than five days my attitude concerning the Wyred 4 Sound Recovery was transformed from assuming it to be just one more USB toy to understanding and thoroughly appreciating the Recovery’s positive and valuable strengths to elevating" 

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"The bass and the mid bass were better defined with the Recovery and more dynamic sounding. The midrange’s focus was sharper and appeared to move slightly forward in the soundstage compared to the sound with no Recovery. I felt that the highs had better definition that was probably helped by a perceived reduced noise floor. The soundstage appeared wider with the use of the Recovery providing a lager sonic presence to the sound. I was unable to find any negatives to attribute to the contribution the Recovery made to my Analog DAC; it just improved what I was hearing."

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"The Wyred4Sound Recovery seems to matter more than one’s chosen USB cable or playback software – a most effective antidote to digititus and therefore a 100% essential piece of the puzzle. For yours truly, when listening for pleasure, the Recovery must be part of the digital audio chain of command."

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"More sparkle and more air. More depth and smooth sonics. More openness and more analogue sound….With the W4S Recovery I forget to analyze the sound, instead I enjoy the music."

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"Those of us invested in USB must accept that for reasons not crystal to us non engineers (and apparently even bona fide IT engineers), well-executed fixes like Wyred4Sound's Recovery still matter."

     6 MOONS                                                                       READ FULL REVIEW

"Recovery is providing a level of resolution I have not heard before in my system. Literally I am hearing stuff on tracks that I suspect the original mastering engineer would have removed had he heard it. No brightness, just more detail, clarity and more of the more which I seek. For the price, or even a significantly higher price the Recovery is a no brainer."


"I have got to say, the more I listen the better the Recovery gets. First of all, DSD files seem to smooth out and open up very nicely. However what it does to PCM files, in my system, is just staggering. I would not have thought it possible."


"Between the RUR [Recovery USB Reclocker] and the [Uptone Audio] Regen, in my opinion, the RUR is in a class by itself…Where the Regen enhances the dynamics of the soundstage, the RUR takes it further and the first time I actually heard the RUR at listening volume, I almost fell out of my near field chair. The RUR has my highest recommendation. I am so enthralled with its rendition that I am purchasing a second one."