MC 7150 | Wyred 4 Sound
150w in 8Ω, External selectable mains voltage 115/230VAC using Differential design
Thermal protection, Short circuit protection, and Over current protection

MC 7150

Multi-Channel Amplifier

Built for the enthusiast who’s ready to improve on the low fidelity power of his home theater receiver, the MC7150 has just the right balance of power and efficiency at the right price. Armed with seven channels of Class D amplifier technology, the MC 7150 produces 150 watts of precise, transparent, and efficient power; simply plug the pre-outs of your existing receiver or processor into the MC 7150. Surrounding the MC 7150’s high quality thermal, short circuit and over current protection is a beautifully fabricated chassis, guaranteeing the MC 7150 will run as proficiently on the inside as it looks great on the outside.



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List price: $1,599.00
Price: $1,599.00

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