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Son of Ampzilla, stereo amplifier, powerful, 220 wpc, single ended and balanced
Legendary amplifier, RCA inputs, XLR inputs

Son of Ampzilla II

Stereo Amplifier
A New Son Rises

"In the final analysis, the SoA handle might be just that one 't' shy of SotA.  That'd be shorthand for state of the art and utterly brilliant"

- Srajan Ebaen, Editor, 6 Moons


Wyred 4 Sound proudly presents the SST Son of Ampzilla II stereo amplifier. This redesigned Son is the third generation in concept and design and features many new ideas and improvements over previous generations. However, we made sure to respect and retain the traditional circuit topology that gives the Son its revered sonic signature. The end result is a masterful fusion of classic and cutting-edge design.

The new Son boasts an exceedingly low noise floor and the same power supply capacity as in our flagship Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition amp.  Another noteworthy feature is a unique grounding procedure that insures absolutely no ground loops.  the measured power output of the new Son of Ampzilla II is a potent 220 watts/channel into 8 ohm (double the original Son of Ampzilla).  And the listening pleasure?  Immeasurable.

Wyred 4 Sound has been part of Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) since the very beginning.  In fact we built the very first SST Ampzilla 2000 amplifiers!  We offer the SST line for the audio enthusiast who enjoys more traditional designs.  We proudly build all of our SST products in the Untied States, to the exacting details and quality that you have come to expect from Wyred 4 Sound.


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