Pre-Amps | Wyred 4 Sound
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Fully balanced, Dual mono design with Next generation input and output buffers W4S-mPRE mPRE $1,099.00
A giant killer preamplifier using Kimber Tcss wire, and Low ESR "SUPER CAP" designed for power supplies W4S-STPse STP-SE $1,999.00
Phono preamplifier that is ultra quiet, eliminating external noise wherever possible PH-1_Phono-Stage PH-1 Phono-Stage $1,399.00
preamplifier, optional dac, high end audio, SST, spread spe3ctrum technologies Thoebe II Thoebe II $4,200.00
Preamplifier that is world class, legendary, SST, full funtion Ambrosia_2000_2nd Ambrosia 2000 Second Edition $8,500.00