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Preamplifier that is world class, legendary, SST, full funtion
available in black or blue faceplate, top quality phono preamplifier
Steel remote, top of the line, state of the art

Ambrosia 2000 Second Edition


Master of Ceremonies

I shall not be coy when it comes to the performance of the Ambrosia and the Ampzilla 2000: These are, simply, great components. I’ve never heard better electronics in any system of mine with which I’ve had long familiarity, while the shortest of short lists would be sufficient to contain the few that seem to me in the same league.

- Paul Seydor, Reviewer, The Absolute Sound


Remote Included, choose your color and phonestage option

am·bro·sia \am-ˈbrō-zh(ē-)ə\ The food of the Greek and Roman gods, something extremely pleasing to taste or smell or, in this case, to hear.

The Ambrosia 2000 Second Edition preamplifier is a brilliant example of what a reference, full-featured, stereo preamplifier can be. This fully-balanced system nucleus features giant power supplies, an optional MM/MC phono stage, headphone amplifier, tone and balance controls and an ingenious remote control. Some recent improvements include redesigned internals for improved stability, lower noise and a new home theater bypass function.

There are no physical switches or controls of any kind in the signal path; the user interface is all electronic and galvanically isolated from the audio circuit. All functions are 100% microprocessor controlled and can be controlled from both the front panel as well as the remote control.

At 50 pounds, the Ambrosia outweighs many power amplifiers! Most of the weight is due to the huge low-EMI power transformer. It features four secondary windings that power each circuit section independently, and in the process, eliminate ground loops. In addition, 15 independent power supply regulators are employed throughout for immunity against AC mains fluctuations. Every attention to detail and function contributes to the final, undeniable conclusion: The Ambrosia is a sonic tour-de-force befitting the finest audio systems.

Wyred 4 Sound has been part of Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) since the very beginning.  In fact we built the very first SST Ampzilla 2000 amplifiers!  We offer the SST line for the audio enthusiast who enjoys more traditional designs.  We proudly build all of our SST products in the Untied States, to the exacting details and quality that you have come to expect from Wyred 4 Sound.

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