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Stereo Pre-Amp

"It all seemed to be about removing minor barriers in whose absence recorded urgency, intensity and directness communicated themselves more strongly. I'd call this effect an energizer, rejuvenator and revealer of deeper space…. this is a machine of quiet but true reference calibre!" Blue Moon Award.


- Srajan Ebaen, Editor, 6 Moons on the STP-SE with Stage 2 upgrade

Looking for an elite pre-amp designed for the most critical listener? Look no further than our STP-SE. The ‘SE’ stands for special edition and as our customers and reviewers will tell you, this piece of equipment is special, indeed.

The STP-SE’s stellar performance and upgrades begin with its wires: Kimber Kable’s patented TCSS wiring, a highly passive multi-gauge, continuous strand pure copper that allows for greater dielectric movement than most other wires in its class. We then add our trademark Low ESR "Super Cap,” an extremely low noise floor (<6µV Passive, <18µV active) and a fully balanced circuit and the results are spectacular 3-D imaging and instrument placement.

A 25A Schottky bridge rectifier connected through 164,560+µF of capacitance via our proprietary TRR (Triple-Ripple-Reduction) power supply circuit ensures exceptionally clean power delivery to optimize audio quality. Standard operation in a passive state and gain to boost the signal only when needed brings you the utmost fidelity. The STP-SE’s resistor ladder volume control, built with our discrete proprietary design, guarantees the STP-SE’s volume control is clean, accurate, and transparent.

Stage 1 Upgrade

Our available Stage 1 STP-SE upgrade features 24 Vishay Z-Foil resistors, four premium inductors, four Schottkey diodes. These enhancements which focus on the power supply and input/output buffer circuits present greater fidelity and definition.

Stage 2 Upgrade

The Stage 2 upgrade, includes all of the above plus our discrete proprietary regulators, an upgraded IEC inlet, 48 Vishay Z-Foil resistors located in the resistor ladder volume control, 16 upgraded high frequency filter capacitors, an upgraded Rhodium plated Furutech fuse, and a green OLED display. Direct attention to the signal path throughout the volume control and filtering circuit yields major enhancements to an already exceptional product. 


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