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High current power module for use with the PS-1 modular linear power supply, Each high-current module can accommodate devices up to 3A max power draw

PS-1 High Current Power Module

Power Module

Need a higher current power module for the PS-1? We've got you covered! Each high-current power module is user-selectable from 5 - 15v and can accommodate devices up to 2A each continuous current and 3A max power draw.

Note: The higher-current module can facilitate up to 2A continuous current. Thus, if the product being powered requires 2A continuous current, only a standard module can be used with it. However, it's important to take a look at the true power requirements of the unit(s) you're powering. Many times, the inrush current of turning a unit on is more than it's normal operating current. If this is the case, you may employ more modules on the PS-1—up to ~4A total maximum operating current.
Due to significant cost in parts to produce the higher current module, the high current module is $500 each.
There are many reasons to consider a higher powered module. A lot of noise in an audio system is attributable to noisy power supplies or noise coming from outside sources or devices. The PS-1 effectively isolates and protects your system from that issue. Some uses for a higher current module:
  • NAS drives
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Music streamers
  • Network switches
  • Anything needing up to 3A max power and 15v draw

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List price: $500.00
Price: $500.00
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