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Power module for use with the PS-1 modular linear power supply with Easily select 5v, 9v, 12v or 15v -- common voltages for many DC devices PS-1 Power Module PS-1 Power Module $125.00
All-new ESS 9026PRO chip replaces the 9018S chip, Updated audio filters, and Updated firmware DAC-1v2 Upgrade DAC-1v2 Upgrade $799.00
All-new ESS 9028PRO chip (DAC-2v2) or 9038PRO (DAC-2v2SE) replaces original 9018S chip DAC-2v2 Upgrade DAC-2v2 Upgrade $799.00
High current power module for use with the PS-1 modular linear power supply, Each high-current module can accommodate devices up to 3A max power draw PS-1 Power Module-High current PS-1 High Current Power Module $500.00
We replace our usual OFC internal wiring with premium Kimber TCX wire, a 14 ga. multi-gauge/multi-strand OFC wire for improved transparency and sound Kimber-Kable/WBT upgrade Kimber Kable/WBT Upgrade for Amps and Integrated Amps $187.50
Sonos One and Play:1 are Wireless Speakers SonosOne Sonos One $399.00
Large voltage meter to precisely monitor output voltages W4S-HCPS HCPS Linear Power Supply $999.00
W4S Aluminum Remote front STP-STI-DAC-2 Aluminum Remote STP-SE/STI/DAC Aluminum Remote Control $299.00
mINT/mPRE Aluminum remote control front mINI Aluminum Remote mINT/mPRE Aluminum Remote Control $25.00
Sonos Port front W4S-SONOS-PORT Sonos Port - Modified $600.00