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Sonos One and Play:1 are Wireless Speakers
Multi-room System for Hi-Fi music streaming through your home
Bluetooth speakers to stream music and online radio

Sonos One

The mini home speaker with mighty sound


Sonos One is the smallest Sonos speaker. It’s a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places. So now you can enjoy great-sounding music wherever you want to listen.  Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding tunes.  Sonos speakers set up easy. Stream via WiFi. Play whatever you’re craving. And amp up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound.  It’s a new, better way to fill each day with the sounds you love. One that will make that place you live feel even more like home.

Sold only in set of two.

The Sonos One makes a great addition to our highly rated and reviewed Sonos Connect modification and upgrade!

Our high powered Music Servers can be used as a source to your wireless Sonos Systems.  Wyred 4 Sound and Sonos makes it easy to add music to every room in your home.


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Price: $399.00
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