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Frequently Asked Questions

I have one of your DACs with the Femto clock. Is there still a benefit to getting a Remedy or Recovery?

Absolutely, yes. Consider the clock in the DAC a heartbeat and with every cycle or ‘beat’ it decides what to do

Balanced or Unbalanced?

What apps are available for MS-1 and MS-2?

With mPad and mPod no longer available, there are a few others that you can try.

Servers made after Jan 17, 2017: Insert CDs label side UP

If your Music Server (MS-1 or MS-2) was ordered and shipped after Jan 17, 2017, please note that your drive mechanism is different than previous ve

Why does the Remedy output at a fixed 96kHz?


When I connect the Recovery, its 2 lights flash briefly then go out. Can't hear any music

We've heard of a few cases where this can happen.

What is the DAC-2 DSD/DSDse/v2 I2S pin configuration?

The following links outline the pin configurations for our DAC series, including the new DAC-1v2 and 2v2 series.

When I try to use the Recovery, my computer doesn't see my DAC and gives a 'excessive power from the USB port' error message

Some early reports from a few customers indicated a compatibility issue with their DAC an

After upgrading to Yosemite and installing the updated DAC 2 driver, music will not play from iTunes

There could be a few things going on.

DAC 2 Yosemite driver does not seem to be working

Very rarely, we get a report that after installing OS Yosemite (Mac) and installing the updated DAC 2 driver for it, music does not play.

Are Harmony or other universal remotes compatible with Wyred 4 Sound products?

Yes, our products are compatible with some universal remotes.

Why do I hear a 'clicking' sound through my speakers from the STP-SE volume control?

The ‘clicking’ is not a fault and a known by-product of DC as it interacts with the contacts on the resistive-ladder vo

Will my DC-powered unit benefit from an external power supply unit (PSU)?

We build all of our products to high standards, including taking care to include good quality power supplies when required.

What is galvanic isolation on the DAC's USB input?

For all of our DACs except original DAC-1 and DAC-2, we feature an improved USB input that has galvanic isolation.

Have you considered an outboard power supply for your Sonos Connect modification?

As part of the brand new board in our Sonos modification, an independent power supply with multiple regulators is included.

Why does my DAC turn off while making a selection using the 'Power' button in Edit mode?

The power button on the DAC is sensitive to the length of the button push.

What sample rate option should I choose for my Sonos modification?

We have different options based on the particular DAC you plan on using with the Sonos.

What is the difference in sound quality from the Remedy vs the Sonos modification?

That would be tough to say. The Remedy is made to be portable and applicable to many different devices.

My DAC remote stopped working, how do I fix this?

1) Check the Setup Menu to ensure it is enabled in the 'Remote / HT' setting. 

2) Enter the setup menu to try a factory reset

Can I connect an external hard drive to my Music Server?

You can certainly connect an external hard drive to the Music Server to back up your files, and the

Is it possible to stream music from an iPad to the µDAC-HD via the USB input?

It's possible, but we've found it's not 100% and is dependent on both the hardware and software you are using.

What are the binding post diameters on your products?

Standard binding post specs:

Why does changing the minimum volume setting on the DAC-2 appear to affect the maximum volume level?

Actually, this is only a perception.

I already have all of my files ripped onto my computer and I do not want to rip them again onto the server. How do I transfer all of my music to the server?

The onboard CD drive allows you to simply insert a disk and sit back while the unit copies it into FLAC and adds tagging information which it locat

Is the Music Server wireless?

The MS requires a direct Ethernet connection for normal operation.

How do I backup all of my music to be covered if a hard drive fails?

There is a very simple backup feature that will allow you to secure your music collection on an external USB hard drive.

What is the I²S output on the MS-2 and how do I use it?

The I²S output on the 2TB model of the Music Server is a digital output that in simple terms is a different format than S/PDIF.

Can I plug a monitor into the Music Server to see what I am doing and how do I control it?

You do not need to plug a monitor into the unit in order to interact with it.

What is the difference between the mAMP and the SX series amps?

The mAMP you could call our 'third generation' series amp and is quite a different beast than the SX series amps.

Can I order a new remote or accessories?

Yes, we sell things like remote controls and other accessories.

When I turn my DAC-2 off then turn it back on it always goes to volume setting 23. My DAC unit outputs too high of volume.

The DAC units have the ability to adjust the maximum and minimum volume settings.

I am using a pre-amp with my DAC-2 and am unable to achieve a favorable volume range without adjusting the DAC volume and the Pre-amp volume.

The DAC-2 has the ability to program the volume to a Variable or Fixed setting.

I have a DAC-1 and I am unsure if the USB supports up to 16bit/44Hz or 24bit/96Hz files.

Our first DAC-1 units came with USB that supported 16bit/44Hz files. We later upgraded the standard USB in the DAC-1 to support 24bit/96Hz files.

What are the primary differences between the DAC-1 and DAC-2?

Wyred 4 Sound DACs are outstanding units loaded with features at a price that is a bargain!

Is it possible to increase the internal storage capacity or to use external storage?

The maximum available onboard storage capacity is currently 2TB. In other words, it is not possible to increase the onboard storage capacity.

Can I plug a regular HDMI output into the DAC-2 I²S input and stream data?

This is not a standard HDMI connection and must only be connected to properly configured equipment.

How does the Wyred 4 Sound trial program work?

This program provides a 14 day in-home trial for select products.

Do you have a warranty and return policy?


Is there an updated driver available for Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks?

Yes, we do have an updated driver available for the DAC-2.