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Frequently Asked Questions

What apps are available for MS-1 and MS-2?

With mPad and mPod no longer available, there are a few others that you can try.

Servers made after Jan 17, 2017: Insert CDs label side UP

If your Music Server (MS-1 or MS-2) was ordered and shipped after Jan 17, 2017, please note that your drive mechanism is different than previous ve

Can I connect an external hard drive to my Music Server?

You can certainly connect an external hard drive to the Music Server to back up your files, and the

I already have all of my files ripped onto my computer and I do not want to rip them again onto the server. How do I transfer all of my music to the server?

The onboard CD drive allows you to simply insert a disk and sit back while the unit copies it into FLAC and adds tagging information which it locat

Is the Music Server wireless?

The MS requires a direct Ethernet connection for normal operation.

How do I backup all of my music to be covered if a hard drive fails?

There is a very simple backup feature that will allow you to secure your music collection on an external USB hard drive.

What is the I²S output on the MS-2 and how do I use it?

The I²S output on the 2TB model of the Music Server is a digital output that in simple terms is a different format than S/PDIF.

Can I plug a monitor into the Music Server to see what I am doing and how do I control it?

You do not need to plug a monitor into the unit in order to interact with it.

Is it possible to increase the internal storage capacity or to use external storage?

The maximum available onboard storage capacity is currently 2TB. In other words, it is not possible to increase the onboard storage capacity.