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Digital Converters

dac-2 is a class A digital preamplifier with remote control

DAC-2v2 Series

The new DAC-2v2 and 2v2SE elevate our award-winning DAC-2 series and feature all-new ESS 9028PRO or 9038PRO DAC chips.

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List price: $2,299.00
Price: $2,299.00
ESS Sabre 9026PRO 32 bit DAC chip, ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, and USB galvanic isolation


The new DAC-1v2 is the evolution of our ever-popular DAC-1 and DAC-1 LE, featuring the all-new ESS Sabre 9026PRO DAC chip.

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List price: $1,299.00
Price: $1,299.00


Headphone amplifier/DAC
Introductory special on the all-new íntimo Headphone Amplifier/DAC

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List price: $1,499.00
Price: $999.00
USB B input / USB A output, Isolated 5V power output, and Including a USB A to B cable


USB reclocker

Restore the integrity of your USB signal for significantly improved audio performance.

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List price: $199.00
Price: $149.00
Wireless streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device with 96kHz output sampling frequency


Bluetooth streamer/reclocker

With the bLINK, your streaming music has never sounded better or been so portable! Works with Bluetooth or hardwired

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List price: $499.00
Price: $449.00
Utilizes an incredible Femto-grade clock with Superior jitter reduction​

Remedy Reclocker

Reclock the signal from your favorite digital source and make it a truly audiophile-worthy component!

Starting At

List price: $399.00
Price: $399.00
State-of-the-art USB Technology, 24 bit 192 kHz Asynchronous USB Input, using ESS Sabre 9023 DAC


Digital-to-Analog converter & Headphone amp

A capable DAC and headphone amp in an easily portable form!

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List price: $499.00
Price: $449.00
ESS Sabre 9023 DAC with 24/96kHz Asynchronous USB input and 24/192kHz - x1 Coaxial, x1 Toslink input


Digital To Analog Converter

Measuring less than 3.5" square, this amazing DAC can go with you anywhere!

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List price: $399.00
Price: $349.00
Asynchronous 24 bit 192kHz USB input and Driverless for Mac and Linux systems!


USB to S/PDIF Converter

Compact, award-winning and affordable USB to S/PDIF converter.

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List price: $299.00
Price: $299.00