Wyred 4 Sound | Rediscover your music!
  • Your Chance to Own History.

    The limited edition DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary Edition.

  • Outstanding Performance, Duly Recognized.

    The Absolute Sound awards Wyred 4 Sound no less than four Editors' Choice Awards.
    One each for mINT, DAC, ST-mkII and our new SX-1000R amp. Thanks TAS



  • "True reference calibre!" - Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons

    Our STP-SE preamplifier with Stage 2 upgrade
    earns one of the highest honors in audio:
    a Blue Moon Award.



  • The New DAC-1v2 and DAC-2v2 Series with ESS PRO Chips.

    The best sounding DACs we've ever made. Now available.



    Still Using "Wall Warts"!?


    The cheap DC "wall warts" included with
    many audio products can degrade sound.
    Replace them all with the incredible PS-1
    power supply
    for a huge performance boost!



  • Power. Warmth. Magic. SX-1000R Mono Amplifier


    The gorgeous midrange of a great
    tube amp, plus drive, dynamics,
    bass control and authority!
    Experience the new SX-1000R. 

  • A "No Brainer" for Digital Audio

    The Recovery reclocks and filters your USB audio signal for 
    noticeably improved fidelity!

    "For the price, or even a significantly higher price the Recovery is a no brainer."
    - Jeff R., customer


  • Free Shipping Over $999!
    As if our already low prices weren't enough, orders over $999
    within US qualify for free shipping!*


  • "Next Level Bluetooth"



    The bLINK Bluetooth reclocker turns common
    streaming audio into something extraordinary.



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