Wyred 4 Sound


USB to S/PDIF Converter

 The µLINK is where top quality USB connectivity meets low jitter S/PDIFconversion. A high performance USB interface built around XMOS technology is the cornerstone for the mighty converter. Delivering low latency and low jitter communication is a fundamental building block to attain the best audio quality from your DAC. Seamless integration with any operating system ensures that this ‘link’ is built to last and can adapt to change. Designed into an ultra compact chassis with versatility in mind, the µLINK offers a selection of three output connector types that can be used simultaneously to drive independent systems. If your DAC is lacking the USB quality or compatibility needed to keep up with your high resolution music collection, look no further than the µLINK.

  • Asynchronous 24 bit 192kHz USB input
  • Driverless for Mac and Linux systems!
  • Compatible with Integer/Direct mode
  • Low jitter BNC, Toslink, and Coaxial outputs
  • Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

"The μLINK gets my highest recommendation."

    AUDIOPHILIA                                                                 READ FULL REVIEW

"This little black box and its glowing blue logo can handle ALL sample rates up to and including 192kHz. Get one – and get satisfaction."

    DIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW                                              READ FULL REVIEW 

"I just "burned in" my Wyred4Sound uDAC for a week solid.... It sounds awesome, especially paired with AudirVision + Player software. Just for kicks, I swapped out the uDAC and installed an Audio Engine D1 DAC and listened to same Playlist. NO comparison. I found the uDAC to have excellent sound stage, presence, depth and clarity across entire spectrum. The uDAC is quiet when it needs to be, and lively when its appropriate. I especially like the fact that the uDAC is tight and punchy when the track calls for it. The AudioEngine D1, in comparson, lacked all of the above. In summary, your uDAC is an excellent product (!)"