Wyred 4 Sound

C1 Ultra Analog XLR

Interconnect cable

Using silver coated, 99.99% OFC multi-gauge, multi-strand copper, our C1 Ultra Analog XLRreveals the stunning depth, width and space you expect from your system. 110% shielding offers stunning noise rejection to ensure the finest details are preserved as the signal passes from one component to the next. With a construction that consists of quality materials that are built to last and the flexibility to easily route in tight spaces, this is a cable that belongs in every system.


Note: Typical burn-in time is 100 hours.

Cables are sold in pairs.


C1 Balanced Cable Specs:
  • Silver coated multi-gauge, multi-strand 99.99% OFC copper
  • Ultra-low loss Foam Polyethylene dielectric
  • Less than 30pf of capacitance per foot
  • Less than 0.009 ohms of impedance per foot
  • 100% Aluminum Mylar shielding construction
  • Large 8mm overall size
  • Navy-Blue in color