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HCPS Linear Power Supply

Power supply

~Newly added~
Our new HCPS is robust enough to power the most demanding loads.  Continuous power output of 4A — it's the last power supply you'll ever need! 

For DC powered devices, replacing the standard switch-mode power bricks with a robust, quiet linear power supply can reap huge sonic benefits. For years, customers who purchased our award-winning "micro" products (Remedy, bLINK, µDAC, Recovery, etc.) have asked us if we also made a linear power supply to increase their performance, but our answer was always an unfortunate "no." No longer! The new PS-1 modular linear power supply is a truly innovative product at an affordable cost. Then we were getting the question, can I run my router, my server, or my NAS with this power supply and we had to give the unfortunate "no".  So here we are now answering "YES" you can!  Power your music server, wireless router, network switches, network storage device, or even Laptop!  The benfits are huge with this unit and you can now provide clean and noiseless power to the front-end of your system.

In the crowded world of linear power supply units, the flexible design of the PS-1 HCPS is unique. Most power supplies are a fixed voltage and made to power a single product.  A very rare number of power supplies offer ability for the user to select the voltage. Typically, these power supplies are large, heavy and ridiculously expensive. And none, to our knowledge, are truly as flexible as this. Enter the HCPS.

  • It's flexible and user-friendly
    The beauty of the new HCPS starts with an emphasis on real value: it's design allows you to select different voltage selections on the fly! It can be set to one of three voltage modes (5v, 9v, 12v). To change the voltage, simply lift the unit up and slide the switch on the bottom to the desired setting. The front panel's LED display instantly tells you the output voltage supplying your product. To take it one step further, you will also find an external offset adjustment to custom tune your output and even allow for a wider range to hit those other levels not available by the switch (for instance you can adjust 9v down to 7.5v with this if needed).

  • It's compact and affordable
    The new HCPS is just 9.25" x 6.75" x 3.25". Additionally, since it is made out of extremely sturdy but lightweight material, most of the weight comes from it's very robust R-core transformer. Compared to other power supplies the size and weight of some amplifiers, the compactness of the HCPS makes it extremely easy to place and work with. 

  • It's awesome
    The HCPS offers real value and innovation. No longer do you need to purchase voltage specific power supplies!  If your products are in the range of operation, you can use the same unit with many different products.
Some uses for the higher current unit are:
  • NAS drives
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Music streamers
  • Network switches
  • Anything needing up to 4A maximum and 5v, 9v, or 12v needs

Each unit will come with a heavy duty power cable 1 meter long, 5.5mm (OD - outer diameter) x 2.5mm (ID - inner diameter) male barrel plug DC cable to connect your device. This connector will also be compatible with 2.5mm (ID) connectors. 

  • Compact design
  • Extremely low noise normally > 18uV
  • 4A continuous output capability
  • Large front panel voltage display
  • Oversized r-core transformer
  • Passive cooling (no fans)
  • External mode select switch (5v, 9v,12v)
  • Output offset adustment (lets you dial in output voltage to compensate or offer a different regulated level)
  • 88,000uF+ storage capacitor bank
  • Heavy duty power cable and output cable included
  • User-selectable 5v, 9v, or 12v output
  • Output level offset trim adjustment
  • 2.1/2.5mm (inner), 5.5mm (outer diameter) male coaxial/barrel plug with positive center pin
  • Can be used with devices up to 4A continuous
  • PS-1 dimensions: 9.25" x 6.75" x 3.25"

Test conditions 12v/0.75A:

  • Noise: less than 15µV (no filter)
  • Output impedance: Less than .008 Ω