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DAC v2 Series

Based on our immensely popular, multi-award-winning original DAC-1 and -2 series, our new DAC v2 series is like an upgraded "classic". At the heart of the v2 series are all-new ESS Sabre PRO chips. These new chips offer many significant improvements over their predecessors including higher SNR, more filters and the latest iterartion of ESS' HyperStreamDAC technology. Additionally, the new v2 series will feature fully-balanced circuitry, hi-res PCM and 4x DSD-capability, upgraded architecture and updated casework with a new color: anthracite gray. 


The DAC-1v2 sports the new ESS Sabre 9026PRO chip, regarded as one of the best price-to-performance DAC chips in the industry. Play high-res PCM files up to 32 bit/384 kHz as well as 4xDSD files via the galvanically isolated USB input. Add to that our proprietary discrete output stages, a hefty, balanced power supply, automatic oversampling for precise output filtering and all the necessary inputs and outputs to accommodate any digital source. The DAC-1v2 is the new standard-bearer for cutting-edge design at an affordable price.


Femto grade clock option

Accuracy and overall quality of the master clock are crucial to obtaining optimum sound quality. The standard clock is no slouch but you now have the option to upgrade to the highest grade component available in its class. Implementation of this femto grade clock optimizes audio quality by lowering phase jitter by over 80% as well as greatly reducing phase noise in the digital circuit. Clocks of this grade are typically found in DAC's retailing for $5K or more! The DAC-2v2 SE model comes with this clock standard and for a modest fee you can select the upgraded clock during the checkout process for either the DAC-1v2 or DAC-2v2 models.


 **Leadtimes may vary ~ currently about 1 week

DAC-1v2 Features

  • ESS Sabre 9026PRO 32 bit DAC chip
  • W4S proprietary discrete output stages for optimum sonics
  • ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator®
  • Automatic oversampling for precise output filtering
  • Asynchronous USB input supports up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM and DSD up to DSD256
  • USB 2.0 compliancy & ASIO 2.2 (Drivers support for Mac and Linux systems)
  • USB galvanic isolation
  • Fully balanced design with balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • Oversized toroidal transformer for solid and noise-free power
  • VFD display for input, sample rate and configuration viewing
  • 2x Coax inputs
  • 2x Toslink inputs
  • Proprietary drivers for Windows (no drivers needed for Mac or Linux)
  • Factory selectable mains 115/230VAC
  • Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

DAC 1v2 Specs

  • Typical Distortion THD+N (20-20kHz A-weighted): <0.002% THD+N
  • Frequency Response (20-20kHz): ± 0.05db
  • S/N Ratio: > 112 db
  • Crosstalk: > 120 db
  • Noise (A-weighted): < 7uV
  • Noise: < 10uV
  • Balanced Output Level: 5.3V (14.4 db)
  • Unbalanced Output Level: 2.6V (8.4 db)
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω
  • Channel Tracking: < ± 0.50 db
  • Dimensions: 8.5"W x 4.125"H x 13.5"D
  • Weight: 14 lbs.


"I have the Dac1V2 and I am blown away! I've been in the business as CEDIA installer and consumer. Never,ever have I heard the difference in sound quality that I experienced with this DAC. I'm sure their are further benefits as you go up to the top. But for me and my ears this is the waaay biggest improvement in my system I ever made and that includes getting my Aerial 7Ts. (He continues...) I now have close to 100 hours on the W4S DAC1V2. The sound has improved even more. No. I am not associated with W4S in any way shape or form. Previous clients and audio friends cannot believe what they are hearing. I had West Side Story being performed in my audio room. Yes. That realistic with stage depth,width,delineation of voices so real people called it spooky! I am that impressed and have never ever heard such analog digital…. It will be the source that determines your SQ with this DAC1v2. My search for audio nirvana is now quenched."


 "Just wanted to let you know that the improvement in sound quality and detail with my new DAC is AMAZING. This is perhaps the best investment I have ever made in my system in the last 20 years. With the exception of the ML Summit X's, no other upgrade has had so much impact in sound quality. Keep up the great work!"

  -RON S.