Remedy Reclocker | Wyred 4 Sound
Utilizes an incredible Femto-grade clock with Superior jitter reduction​
Digital inputs support up to 24/192kHz and 96kHz output sampling frequency
Toslink and Coaxial digital inputs and Toslink, Coaxial, BNC digital outputs
9VDC power supply included​ and includes a 5 year warranty​

Remedy Reclocker

"The Remedy is a genuine game changer."

- John Darko, Digital Audio Review

Stemming from our highly successful Sonos Connect modifications, we are pleased to introduce a uniquely revolutionary product, the Remedy reclocker. This highly advanced digital reclocking device removes digital errors and drastically improves jitter utilizing an incredible Femto-grade clock. Pair the Remedy with the DAC of your choice and transform your favorite consumer digital source into a truly audiophile-worthy component!

Typical Remedy installation into your system:
Digital source (Apple TV, Airport Express, etc) >> Remedy >> DAC

Recommended applications include: Sonos Connect, Apple TV & Airport Express, Squeezebox Duet & Touch, iPod docks and many more!

The SPDIF output's sample rate is factory configured to 96kHz.  Some DACs can miss-read the status bits for the proper resolution when outputting the signal at 96kHz causing problems with playback; for example displaying the incorrect resolution.  If a Wyred 4 Sound DAC is being used then the 96kHz will work properly.  For compatibility we can set the output to 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz.  If your DAC is only capable of a lower resolution please let us know to set the Remedy to the proper resolution.  Please add this request to the comments section on the order form.


"It took all of 15 seconds listening to the Remedy to determine that it is staying in my system."

- Ivan Messer, Legend Audio


"Over the several weeks I used the Remedy, I cannot think of a single time it did not make the music more enjoyable and engaging."

- Jim Milton, Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity


"Once again for a Wyred product, the Remedy does exactly what is claimed for it; and does so for a fair price with high build quality."

- Srajan Ebaen, 6


"When adding the Remedy into the system it took no time at all to ascertain the effects. The entire soundstage matures and a fullness comes over the music"

- Dan Worth, Hifi Pig Magazine


“I am recent owner of a Remedy Reclocker and very impressed with the benefits. I got it to improve the sound from my Oppo BDP-103 (which it did), [but I] was surprised to find a significant (maybe greater) improvement with my more expensive equipment (like my Auralic Aries). [I] found this a bit surprising as the Remedy Reclocker seems to be targeted/marketed at improving inexpensive consumer equipment … yet to my ears, it seems to improve the expensive equipment even better”

- John M., Customer

"I have received my remedy – thank you. It makes an amazing difference to the TV digital audio signal. I didn’t realize how poor the sound was before, and now it’s really good."

-Jon O., Customer

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