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Integrated Amplifier


With a built-in DAC, powerful headphone amp, small footprint and plenty of honors from the audio industry press, what’s not to like about our mini-Integrated Amp? Sporting a top-tier ESS DAC, the mINT supports 24 bit 192kHz streaming through S/PDIF inputs and 24 bit 96kHz via USB. Configurable analog inputs and outputs round out this unit as a one-size-fits-all solution. On the amplification side, the mINT uses compact and efficient amp technology to deliver 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, controlling large speakers with ease. A sweet little unit that’s won awards from Tone Audio magazine, 6 Moons and Home Theater Review among others, a mINT is sure to get your system in mint condition!



2015 The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award2014 The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award2013 The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice AwardTone Magazine Exceptional Value AwardHome Theater Best of Award6 Moons Realsization Award


Kimber Wire/WBT binding post upgrade:

WBT nextgen® binding post

Under the Select Options dropdown, you can choose to upgrade the internal wiring and binding posts of your mINT! We replace our usual OFC internal wiring with premium Kimber TCX wire, a 14 ga. multi-gauge/multi-strand OFC wire for improved transparency and sound. We also replace our normal binding posts with high-end, German-made WBT nextgen® binding posts for a better fit and connection. Consider this upgrade to maximize the performance of your mINT.

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Price: $1,499.00
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